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Chrysanthi Drandaki-Tyburski
Staff | NewGen Physical Therapy Guam

Chrysanthi Drandaki-Tyburski

I was born and raised in Greece and I come from the beautiful island of Crete. In 2007 I received my BA in Physical Therapy from the Technological Institute of Athens (nowadays University of West Attica). Worked for a semester at KEKYKAMEA Rethymnou a public rehabilitation center for outpatient treatments. For almost 10 consecutive years I owned and ran my private practice “PhysioLysis” in Rethymno Crete with great success rates till 2019 when together with my husband made the decision to move to Guam.

Always eager for excellence and optimal results for my clients and with the strong faith in evidence based practice, I complemented my professional training with certifications in various orthopedic techniques (2011 McKenzie method. 2011 Musculoskeletal and sports taping by the International College of Biomechanics. 2012 Mulligan Manual Therapy Concept) with the sole purpose to advance in both the critical element of patients evaluation as well as the high quality and longevity of my therapeutic results. This same perspective led me to an increasing interest in other holistic treatments. Soon in time I trained and obtained diplomas in Acupuncture by EFEA in 2012, in Auricular Neuromodulation Therapy by GSATN 2014 and in Bowen Therapy in 2014. It is exciting to have a variety of alternatives and be able to offer them with earnestness.

I have now over 12 years of clinical experience in general orthopedics, chronic pain, autoimmune diseases, sports medicine, performance enhancement, injury prevention, wellness training and I have worked with people of all ages and various health issues. My passion is in clinical problem-solving although I deeply enjoy each phase of the rehab journey. Watching your clients returning to normality, building back confidence and progressing to activities they like to do, need to do or aim to do with confidence is invaluable.

I never get tired of learning new treatment and training techniques, I am an outdoors enthusiast and my main hobbies are swimming,  kitesurfing and crosstraining.